We like to think that we are not the typical sightseeing tourists.

Sure, we love to see famous landmarks and snap a few pictures. We would never skip these hotspots, but they aren’t the be all and end all of our travels.

One of our favorite things to do in a new city is explore the nightlife. There’s usually no better way to meet and laugh with locals and fellow travelers. A few drinks will help those conversations go beyond the typical small talk. Some of our most memorable, surreal traveling moments have been thanks to a night out.

Of course, this typically ends with us getting a little inebriated, and the next morning (or day) can be rough because of it.

Some nights end a little messy 😉

We have yet to discover an instant cure for a hangover. (If you have, please send it our way!)

But we do have a few tips to make those travel hangovers as tolerable as possible.

Don’t worry if a day gets wasted.

A good night out usually requires a slow, easy day afterward. Don’t force yourself out of bed the next day to go sightseeing. Plan to explore on other days, but also make room for a lazy, relaxing day at the hotel when you can recharge. This balance is key to an enjoyable trip.

Don’t get drunk the night before a day of transport.

Just like you won’t want to be sightseeing, you definitely won’t want to be on a plane, train, or boat. Can you really be dealing with an all day flight via layover with a saw head? Can you really be dealing with rickshaws, ferrys, buses, taxis and planes in one day after not sleeping and leaving straight from a full moon party? Can you deal with a 10 hour mini bus ride after a night out? The answer is never! Be careful when you plan your travel.

Air conditioning helps.

While cold countries seem to cure a hangover easily, hot temperatures will make them much worse. You’re hungover due to dehydration, and the sun won’t do you any favors. Make sure your hotel has decent air conditioning, and lock yourself away in your cool room.

Have a food plan.

The food you choose can make or break your hangover day. Surely, at home, you know exactly what to eat when you’re in a state. Unfortunately, when you are in an unfamiliar country, your favorites will be harder to track down. Worst case scenario, the closest food vendors to your hotel might only serve spicy curry or scorpions. It’s worth putting some thought into this before your night out.

Get water!

Water is the number one thing you’ll need during a hangover. But most tap water isn’t safe to drink abroad, so make sure you’ve stocked up enough for the next day. Trust us, you won’t want to do a water run when you wake up. We’ve developed strong water instincts since travelling. Our drunk selves may not seem like the most responsible people, but we absolutely never forget to buy endless water for the next day. It really helps!

Dont forget to stock up on water.

Get late check out.

The typical 10am, 11am or 12 midday check out times are the bane of travel life. If you’re not travelling onward right away it’s unpleasant. If you’re hungover it’s a disaster. Just pay to extend the room if you don’t need to move on until late afternoon or evening; it’s the only answer.

Get in the pool or go to the beach.

This is the closest we’ve found to a true hangover cure: get in a pool or head to the beach. A sweaty, noisy city brings out hangovers from hell. A quiet beach is miraculous. Maybe this means that bad hangovers are mostly mental.

It’s the best cure we’ve found so far.

Go to the bar.

For some reason, we rarely take this advice from friends who swear by it, but when we have, it has worked! A small amount of alcohol balances everything back out – just don’t overdo it or you’ll be right back where you started soon enough.

Beware of India.

We’re writing this post from India, and while we love the chaos and unpredictability around us in the big cities, they haven’t been great for a hangover. It’s unbelievably hot, it’s crowded, it’s noisy, and everyone seems to be moving at 5,000 miles an hour. The hustle and bustle is not what you need when feeling delicate. That said, the night before will be one heck of an experience and very worth it.

This is not what you need hungover! 

Hangovers are usually the result of a great night – a night that will never be forgotten. However an epic night can lead to an epic hangover. Tread carefully and don’t give youself unessesary pain. We hope our tips will help!

We would love to hear your travel hangover from hell stories. Leave your best ones below!