Living in the United Kingdom, there were many reasons I was eager to pack my bags and start traveling the world.  There weren’t many jobs available at home, the cost of living was high, and the weather wasn’t great either. But there is one thing we do have going for us – bustling cities and towns that have some of the most buzzing nightlife spots that you can experience.

If you are traveling in the UK, and you’re looking for a good night out, you are in luck.

Below are some of our best recommendations of where to visit for a night out – based only on where we’ve been. Great Britain’s party culture is widespread, so there are many more options beyond even these.


Our top choice for a night out in the UK is definitely Newcastle. You’ll find friendly people, a positive atmosphere, and a variety of settings from traditional pubs to wild clubs and everything in between.

If you’re trying to go out on the cheap, this city is known for affordable trebles, and it only takes two or three to get a buzz going.

We’d also suggest trying a few of Newcastle’s endless clubs. We’ve enjoyed a few dances at Digital, Tup Tup Palace, Floritas and Madame Koo.

If you’re looking for a different atmosphere, head down to Quayside for a range of brewed ales. Join the Toon Army and enjoy an epic Northern England night.


Heading further north, across the border into Scotland, we’d recommend a night in Glasgow. I have been drawn back to this city many times – especially for a glass or several of Buckfast tonic wine. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I’ve never seen it anywhere else.

Like Newcastle, Glasgow has endless bars and nightclubs ranging from basement clubs to converted churches. You won’t struggle to stay entertained.

Our recommendations include Glasgow’s famous underground club, Sub Club, The Teuchter’s Triangle, which is a trio of lively pubs, The Glad Café and O2 ABC.


I’ve only been to Manchester twice, but it certainly made an impression. It’s one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom, and it boasts a wide range of nightclubs and bars.

Manchester is well known for its live music scene. If you’re planning a visit, check to see if any good bands have a show that night. The music typically falls into genres such as rock, indie and alternative. Some bars to check out for a good show: Soup Kitchen, Band on the Wall, The Ruby Lounge and Dry Bar.

If you’re not looking for live music, head to the Northern Quarter. It has a large concentration of bars and nightclubs. Some include the famous Sankeys, Sound Control and the newly opened Hidden.


Leeds is another major player in British nightlife. We’d recommend exploring Briggate, a cobbled street filled with traditional pubs, including Whitelocks, which is around 300 years old. We’d also suggest Leeds’ version of the famous Tiger Tiger nightclub. Finally, if you want to turn nightlife into day life, check out the famous Otley-run pub crawl.


We’ll admit, it’s not typical to see Hull at the top of a must-see lists – but when it comes to night out, Hull has a lot to offer. It is a university town, after all. And university towns will always include plenty of cheap places to drink and party.

You’ll find great bars, clubs, casinos – whatever your searching for during your night out. We suggest going for all three!

The two main clubs in the city center are Club Valbon (formerly Position) and Sugar Mill. Both offer some incredible drinks deals. Club Valbon is usually busy on Thursdays and Saturdays, and Sugar Mill draws the best crowds on the weekends and a Monday night.

Another nightclub I would absolutely recommend is Welly, just out the city. It’s not your typical scene, as it leans more toward an indie rock atmosphere. But be warned: the hangovers you’ll get from this place are practically a disease.

Getting ready for a Hull night in my university days. 


Of course, I’m also going to talk a little about my own hometown. If you’re ever unfortunate enough to stumble upon Doncaster by mistake, its only redeeming quality is its nightlife. Nearly all the bars can be found on Silver Street. If you’re feeling a little random and adventurous, check out the Mallard Pub in Cusworth – it used to be my regular watering hole.

Too cool for school on a night in the hometown. 

The United Kingdom boasts a great nightlife scene that few countries can rival. The above recommendations don’t even scratch the surface. If you have a bit of money to spend, London definitely has some gems, and you won’t regret stopping by Bristol, Southampton, Liverpool, or Cardiff – the options are endless.

What are your recommendations in the UK? Did we miss your favorite city or favorite pub? We’d love to hear from you.