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Singapore is a lot of things – fun, bustling, modern, elegant, artistic.

And expensive.

If you are traveling Southeast Asia, where costs are usually comfortably low, this city-state might throw you.

But we could never recommend skipping it. There is too much to see and do. If your budget is an issue, you’ll just need to make very conscious choices to keep yourself from overspending.

Here are our best tips!


During our weekend in Singapore, we stayed at 5footway.inn‘s Project Boat Quay. This hostel is located right in the city center, so we were able to avoid expensive public transportation because we could walk everywhere we wanted to go (besides the airport). We were minutes from the main tourist attractions and surrounded by restaurants and bars. The hostel had very simple rooms, but a great view of the river from its balcony. At the time we were there, the prices matched the rates of other budget accommodations in the area, although I don’t think any other hostel in that price range could compete the location. To make it even cheaper for you, we have a 10% discount code to share. Email with code KD10.

Our view from the hostel


While the restaurants in Singapore may come at a high cost, the city is also full of some amazing street food. Head to Chinatown or Little India, or seek out the hawker centres food stalls for a good deal on dinner. Street food is a huge part of Singapore, and the low price does not compromise on taste.


You can’t spend time in Singapore without trying a Singapore Sling. While many travelers head to the Raffles Hotel, where the drink originated, you can find the exact same recipe at most bars around the city for a much lower cost. Walk along the river and look for good deals – happy hours and buy one get one promotions are usually advertised on signs outside.

We also discovered that sometimes you can create your own deals. Our first night we asked if we could get another two margaritas for the price of one. The bartender hesitated then countered four for the price of two, which we accepted. It never hurts to ask, and many places in Singapore are open to a little negotiation.

Enjoying our Singapore Slings


Since we were on a budget, we decided that we would have one splurge when it came to sightseeing – we wanted to go to the roof of the Marina Bay Sands and watch the sunset.

But aside from, we didn’t pay for any other activity. We recommend the same strategy for other budget travelers. Pick your top priority, and then enjoy the rest of the city for free.

Just walking around was an experience. We saw so many beautiful murals and bizarre statues, it was like the entire city was a giant art museum. We also saw an amazing light show at the Gardens by the Bay. I took so many pictures, my phone ran out of storage!

The light show at Gardens by the Bay

There is no denying that Singapore is an expensive place to travel. But it is doable on a budget if you set your mind to it, and you can still have a lot of fun. Have you ever visited? What are your best money-saving tips?