June 8, 2017


A Southeast Asia Nightlife Guide

Southeast Asia has become one of the globe’s most popular travel destinations, and we can see why.

With unbelievably low prices, even the traveler with the tightest budget can do well here. It also offers something unique for those accustomed to the west – truly foreign foods, cultures, and traditions that will surely open your mind to the many ways people around the world live life.

Finally, if you are looking for fun nights out, Southeast Asia knows how to deliver, on the cheap, with plenty of variety and a touch of madness. Get ready for a crazy night!

Lets get the party started! 

From the 7 countries we’ve traveled around Southeast Asia, here’s what we’d recommend.



Southeast Asia’s central hub offers endless nightlife opportunities, ranging from booming clubs to laid back hole-in-the-wall bars . The city is all hustle and bustle with very affordable drinks.

The most popular tourist hot spots include Khao San Road and Sukhumvit Soi 11, but we’d recommend getting off the beaten path – there’s so much more see! We often find ourselves on Sukhumvit Soi 22. Ce La Vi is a new, fun night club, and there are also old favorites like Onyx, RCA and Demo.

You can also just enjoy the various local bars, easily found in Sukhumvit. Some cheap bars are even set up in stands on the street. Sukhumvit is the center and offers endless opportunities. Check out this Sukhumvit bar crawl. 

The South of Thailand

Tourists flock to the south of Thailand in the masses. Because of this, the islands often have a bad reputation. We encourage you to give this beautiful part of the country a chance – the beaches are perfection and nightlife is always buzzing.

While all islands and southern places seem to offer something a few areas wed certainly recommend are, Koh Phi Phi, Patong Beach in Phuket, Chaweng in Koh Samui and Lonely Beach on Koh Chang. Don’t worry though it’s hard not to find nightlife in the south and for the whole of Thailand to be honest, you won’t be stuck for choice.

Cheers to Southeast Asia.


It’s a bit trickier to find the party spots of Myanmar, but it isn’t hopeless.

The nightlife exists, it’s just a bit more subtle. In Yangon, you can have a good bar crawl near Chinatown on 19th street.

There’s nightlife to be found in Yangon.

We found some great places, including Inya Bar, Cask 81, and TG Bar. Don’t forget Happy KTV if you’re in the mood to sing a song or two!

Keep your tab manageable by ordering Myanmar’s own brewed beer and their brilliant Mandalay rum. But beware that you might find yourself paying for your night in a different way – with a hangover from hell in the morning.

Other areas of Myanmar are more causal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice meal around Inle Lake and a bottle of wine on the breathtaking Ngwe Saung Beach when the stars come out.


In Cambodia, you can jump back into a lively nightlife scene.

We think the best place to start is Pub Street in Siem Reap. It’s easy to see why it has developed a bit of a name for itself amongst tourists. It’s full of bars, dance spots, cocktail bars and restaurants with happy hour drink prices going as low as 1USD or less. Best of all, it stays open until 3 every morning.

Stumble down the brilliant pub street. 

Another must is Sihanoukville. After a day at one of the stunning surrounding islands, head down to Serendipity and Occheuteal beaches in the main town where there’s a great range of dance bars, chill out bars, and anything inbetween. It is also becoming a popular location for full moon parties.


Singapore is bit pricey compared to the rest of Southeast Asia, and it attracts a lot of young professionals with money to spare – but that doesn’t mean it can’t offer a great night out for a budget traveler.

You can actually find a few good deals at many of the bars and restaurants around Clarke Quey, or embrace the student vibe (and pricing) on Orchard Street.

The best part of Singapore is its stunning skyline – it looks breathtaking at night. Why not blend the views with the nightlife and head to one of the many sky clubs and sky bars around the Marina Bay and the rest of the city?

Some we’d recommend are its first skybar Loof, the famous Ce La Vi chain, New Asia Bar, 1-Altitute and the incredible Supertree, which can be found at the colorful and unique Gardens by the Bay.

Singapore by night is stunning! 


Malaysia is a fairly conservative country, and we had our biggest struggle finding a good bar or club here.

That said, one place we would recommend is Langkawi. This little island is home to some stunning beaches, and when the sun goes down, you can grab a drink and relax by the shore. After the sun sets, you’ll be able to find many booming bars on the island.

Grab a drink by the shore. 


To be honest, we hated Laos.

Especially the South, where decent nightlife spots are slim pickings. But we do have one recommendation, and that’s Vang Vieng. It’s famous for its tubing, which is a lot of fun. Take a break to grab a beer at one of the many bars on the river, then you can hop back on your rubber dingy and head to the next one. It makes for a great day – we’d never experienced a floating bar crawl.

For safety reasons, it might not get as crazy as it had in past years, but honestly we can’t help but think the new safety precautions are a good thing.

Vang Vieng is the best spot we could find. 


Vietnam is crazy!

It’s crazy in every way – its roads, its pace of life, and, of course, its nightlife.

We loved it, and we especially had a great time in Hanoi. The city center is like a maze at the best of times, and this seems to also be the case on a bar crawl. You’ll find endless streets that suddenly turned themselves in bars as soon as the sun disappeared, just by placing some chairs and stools around.

Our best recommendation is just to head to the Old Quarter and see what you find. But be warned, everything shuts down at 2am. Don’t start your night too late!

Hanoi was great fun. 

Another great Vietnam party hotspot is Nha Trang. Its long stretches of beaches and bars make it a popular stop off point for travelers heading up or down the country.

A couple places we’d recommend are Zima Nightclub and the Rabbit Hole Bar.

We hope you enjoy the nightlife as much as us. 

We’ve only touched on a few areas in each of these countries. There are endless nightlife options in the places we’ve not been to yet, or even in the cities we know well. Living in Southeast Asia for the next year will hopefully give us a chance to explore even more destinations with new places for a great night out.

What would you recommend for us?