If we’re going to talk honestly, we have to admit that one of our top priorities when arriving in a new city is to have a great night out.

We love to see what kind of party we can find in an unfamiliar place, and get a taste for whatever drinks are cheapest or most popular with the locals.

While seeking out unknown, cheap drinks, we’ve definitely stumbled upon some horrible concoctions along with a few hidden gems. Either way, they usually create hilarious moments and great stories to recall the next day – along with more than a few debilitating hangovers.


Below we talk about some of the drinks, the stories, and the aftermaths.

The Drink:

Baijiu (China)

Baijiu is a Chinese liquor made from grain. It’s a white clear alcohol and is usually between 40 – 60% alcohol content.

The Drunk:

We can thank this drink for bringing us together. We had known each other a couple weeks, but we hadn’t had the confidence to make a move yet. After a few baijiu and cokes at a party, Simon gained the courage to tell Kristin that he wanted to “snog her face off” – despite our many coworkers lurking around, eager for gossip. A few more drinks found us running around Canton Tower, shouting nonsense, and lying down to snog on the street.

The Hangover:

We were sick but happy because we had revealed that we liked each other. Cute. 🙂

Grateful for that night 🙂 

The Drink:

Tsingtao (China)

We also came across Tsingtao in China. It’s China’s second largest brewery, produced in Qingdao in the Shandong province. Its alcohol percentage is said to be around 4.5%. Tsingtao is seriously cheap, but be cautious before you overindulge.

The Drunk:

The scene was Simon’s birthday party at his apartment in Guangzhou. Downing several Tsingtao, he was quickly a state. When the party ended, we headed out in search of any bar or club we could find.

New to China and quite drunk, we barely knew where we were, much less what direction we should be heading. The taxi driver decided to take advantage of this situation. He took his time driving around, taking so many turns, we felt certain we were on the other side of the city. Our fare was about three times more than we would have expected, but we were dropped off at a club (Nova) so we were happy.

And we had an amazing night. We couldn’t wait to go back to that club again. The only problem? We had no idea where it was and couldn’t remember the name. The taxi ride was so long and complicated – we were sure we’d never find it again.

But we still searched. For months. It was the legendary club, lost to us forever.

Until, one day, Simon was walking to the metro and he noticed a door. He remembered that door. It was the club – literally only a 2 minute walk from his apartment.

The Hangover:

Horrid! I’ve never experienced anything like it. It made me delusional, gave me an unbearable headache, and made me so ill.

H2O needed for Kristin.

The Drink:

Leo (Thailand)

Leo is a pale lager beer brewed in Bangkok by a brewery called Boon Rawd. Its interesting logo is a leopard – although I thought it was a tiger for years.

The Drunk:

Where to start! Honestly, Leo is such a staple of our lives, I can’t pick just one story. Many fun nights have been spent drinking “just one more.” We love sitting around a table of new or old faces, casually ordering drink after drink. I’ve made great friends this way – there’s something about having a few Leos together that makes new friendships form, even with people we previously found boring or a little annoying.

Leo has made Simon do some strange things as the night gets later – for example, he suddenly seems to despise wearing clothes. Especially while crossing a specific bridge on our walk home – this is where the stripping usually begins. There are a couple stray dogs snoozing away up there – one in particular does not find Simon’s nudity amusing. While these dogs usually ignore us passing by, this one will bark at Simon ferociously until we are off the bridge.

Leo can also turn him into a bit of a kleptomaniac. One morning we woke up to a traffic cone in our kitchen. The pillows from our condo’s lobby are also frequent victims of this behavior.

Don’t worry – everything gets returned eventually and this phase has mostly passed now. Simon still likes to bring home random gifts while drunk off Leo, but he pays for them honestly now. His newest game is to buy Kristin gifts at 7-11 that he has picked at random while closing his eyes. (Sometimes the gifts are pretty good, too. Sometimes they are ridiculous and cost several hundred baht.)

More Leo stories include falling in a hedge, literally crawling home on all fours, and throwing wet toilet paper at our windows – something we have affectionately named “soggy boggies.”

The Hangover:

It’s brutal. Your mouth stays dry forever. Water starts tasting like syrup. Some symptoms may even linger into a second day. One regrettable Leo hangover occurred on Christmas Day 2014. Simon’s friends were enjoyIng Christmas lunch together, but he locked himself in a toilet stall and sat on the floor for 30 minutes feeling miserable. It was the worst hangover of his life.

Our lovely cone.

The Drink:

Sangria (Oman)

Obviously sangria is not local to Oman, but in a country where alcohol can be scarce and expensive, we were thrilled to find these pitchers at a Mexican restaurant in Muscat. Who knows what exactly was in them – but they were strong.

The Drunk:

The sangria was so sweet, and each glass went down so easily. We didn’t even notice an effect, which is always when you know you’re in trouble. Because eventually it will hit you like a train – and it did.

By the time we left the restaurant, the streets were empty and there wasn’t a taxi to be seen. After stumbling around pathetically for a bit, we found a 19 year old boy from Iran who was willing to drive us back to the other side of the city (endless gratitude to him – he humored us by engaging in our silly drunken conversation with a smile, and he wouldn’t even accept payment).

We immediately climbed in bed and passed out. It should be noted that this bed was not in a hotel room – a friend who is currently living in Oman let us crash in his room while he stayed at his girlfriend’s.

Which makes the next part of the story that much worse.

An hour later, Kristin woke up to find Simon standing at the window. A little confusing, but she assumed he was looking at the moon or stars for some reason – we don’t get many clear night skies back in Bangkok.

Then she heard the telltale sound and realized –

Simon was pissing all over the floor. Not just the floor, but his backpack, and every article of clothing he brought for the trip.

In shock, she raised some protest. This only persuaded him to move on to Kristin’s backpack. That was all the motivation Kristin needed to jump out of bed, basically tackle him, and forcefully drag him to an actual toilet. He was very annoyed – as if Kristin was the unreasonable one in this situation.

The Hangover:

Surprisingly, we suffered no hangovers but plenty of memory loss. Simon remembered absolutely nothing. Kristin had vague memories but thought it was a weird dream – until we realized all of Simon’s clothes were soaking wet and smelling foul. Kristin’s bag was missing but later found all packed up and hidden away where no one could piss on it.


Other Escapades:

Vodka and Red Bull in Spain
After a few of these, Simon needed to empty his bladder. Unfortunately, the nearest toilet was through a busy club. Too much hassle! Drunk logic says “It’s okay, just go ahead and piss your pants.” So he did.

Spain made for some great drunk fun.

Whiskey Sours in China
Kristin is excellent at knowing her limit, but she also has a hard time turning down free drinks. One night, she decided that it was time to stop but a couple friends were still in full-on party mode. They kept declaring “just one more, it’s on us.” In return for their generosity, they ended up carrying a sloppy drunk Kristin down the stairs of the pub at the end of the night. She vomited all over them both, while the entire waitstaff watched (along with a few stray customers). She felt okay the next day, but it’s the one and only morning she has woken up embarrassed about the night before.

White Wine in Iceland
We usually do well on white wine. It’s what we drink when we just want one or two on a calm night. But in Iceland a couple bottles had us thinking belly flopping into a pile of snow was a good idea. Luckily, cold weather always makes the hangovers easier to handle.

Here’s to being drunk 🙂 

There’s no denying that a few drinks are always on the agenda when we travel. There’s no better feeling than letting loose at new bars, in new cities, with new people, and enjoying new drinks. Do you find time for a night out when you travel? We’d love to hear your stories!





  • Inge Turelinckx

    Haha! This post is awesome! So recognizable, except for wetting backpacks 😀 Parties are always more memorable when you’re abroad… And so are the hangovers! Loved reading this and glad we’re not the only ones getting drunk everywhere 😉

    • Simon – SiDash Travels

      We’re glad that others love a good party also 🙂 here’s the the hangovers! thanks for reading 🙂