When it comes to traveling, there are countless preferences, styles, and activities. Every traveler has their own pace, their own favorites, and their own frustrations.

While we will never deny we love a good tourist hotspot, we’ve also discovered that most of our memorable moments and fun days do not come from sightseeing.

Instead, we get the most excited about new experiences we have while exploring the world. So while many of our pictures may feature us at the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, or the Great Wall of China, our best stories take place in an entirely different setting.

If you can relate, this travel bucket list is for you. It won’t send you to any famous landmarks, but we think you’ll definitely have a worthwhile and adventurous trip if you can check off all or some of this list.

Camel Riding – While it wasn’t always the most comfortable experience, seeing the desert by camel was an unforgettable experience. I never realized how tall a camel is, and it took a lot of balance and core strength to keep from slipping off. The tour guide who took us out also provided two home-cooked meals and time to lie outside under the stars.

Boat Parties – If you’re by the coast and have a decent group of friends to split the cost, you can rent a boat and crew for a party on the water. We did this in Oman, and it was beautiful, fun, and relaxing.

Hot Springs – One of our favorite things to do in China was visit a Hot Springs park. Small pools are scattered throughout a flower garden, and the idea is to soak in each one by one. Despite being called “hot” springs, they range in temperature from practically boiling to ice cold. They also have a variety of aromas and medicinal properties, relieving stress, arthritis, acne, or inflammation.

Cliff Diving – Simon loves these high-adrenaline activities, whereas Kristin is much more nervous about heights. Whichever side you fall on, you should try it at least once. You’ll feel unbelievably free and come up laughing afterward, we promise.

Festivals – One of the best ways to get to know a new culture is to celebrate one of their holidays alongside them. We definitely recommend Songkran in Thailand, and there are several others we hope to experience one day (Mardi Gras, Holi, and more).

Cooking Classes – Loving the local food? In many countries, you can find one-time cooking classes designed for travelers. We signed up for one in India and had a great evening trying something new (and stuffing our faces).

Safaris – It’s always surreal to watch certain wild animals in their natural habitat, especially when you have only seen them in zoos before.

Motorbike Trips – If you had asked me five years ago if I’d ever get on a motorbike, I would have laughed. Now it’s one of my favorite ways to explore an island, mountain town, or small village.

Exploring by Water – You can get an entirely new perspective on some cities if you go by boat, kayak, canoe, or even paddle board. If you’re ever in my hometown, Anna Maria, I definitely recommend getting up and down all our canals. You’ll be right in our backyards and eventually find yourself at the beach.

Old Forts and Castles (with a twist) – Okay, so this one is creeping into sightseeing territory. But we did have a blast one day when we explored an old Omani fort that was basically empty except for us. Instead of browsing the fort slowly, reading everything, we decided to play hide and seek. It was really funny, way more entertaining, and we still were able to see everything.

This list is just based on our own experiences – there is plenty more to do out there! Share your best travel experiences with us, and maybe we’ll also give it a try.