Avoid Sixt Car Rental in Oman

A round trip around Oman is breathtaking. Stunning views of mountains and deserts, long open roads and even the odd camel crossing the road. But renting a car is the only way to get out Muscat, the country’s capital, as buses and trains don’t really exist.

While getting a car is definitely a must, we warn you to be very careful of what rental company you choose. German giants, Sixt, are a massive avoid! Renting the car on arrival seemed quick, cheap and straightforward, which was part of why we chose Sixt over the other companies available at the airport.

The problems began when we returned the car three days later. Suddenly the price had jumped. They had conveniently forgotten to mention a mileage limit, and we had gone over it – drastically.  The fee for this mistake totaled 49 Omani Rial (about 127 U.S Dollars).

When we were left stunned at this turn of events, the Sixt employee asked us, so innocently, with a completely straight face: “Did you leave Muscat? Our cars are really only for driving a little around the city.”

Now, I cannot imagine any traveler arriving in Oman with the intention of just staying in Muscat. There is so much more out there, and honestly not much in the city itself. Trust us, you are doing yourself a grave injustice if you don’t explore Oman from desert to shoreline.

Don’t let Sixt limit you to the city, or charge you huge fees to explore this country the way it deserves to be explored. Other rental companies won’t – we checked with some expat friends who rent a car regularly.

Sixt conned us big, and if it wasn’t for some heavy arguing, we would have left Oman with barely any money left in our pockets.


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